Benefits of a quality gun holster, Do I need one?

Benefits of a quality gun holster, Do I need one?

 Benefits of a quality gun holster: IWB holster for handguns

Though a lot of people are known to own guns for various reasons including sport, a lot of us actually own guns for our personal protection, to help us feel a little safer in this crazy scary world. What is the point in making the effort, going to the range, learning how to shoot the right way, getting a carrying license, buying and registering a gun to protect yourself and probably those around you and just end up not taking proper care of said gun or not having it easily accessible? Why exactly do you think people require a quality holsters for guns?

Imagine having to defend yourself but being too late because your weapon isn't handy enough, probably in your bag or having it go off because it isn't comfortable to carry? Totally defeats the point of owning a gun, doesn't it?

The benefits of quality holsters for guns can’t be overemphasized, and should never be overlooked, and to further help you understand what to look out for in a quality holster or the markings that qualify it as one will be further broken down below:

Must cover both the trigger and trigger guard

The trigger-like we all know well, the trigger fires the gun, which is the overall desired effect, and since this fundamental feature of the gun comes with such a high-risk duty, both the trigger, and its surrounding areas must be kept covered while in the holster. If the gun holster you are looking to purchase doesn't cover the trigger properly, then it is not worth your while. I mean what's the point of getting a gun for protection and just end up having it go off and hurting you or someone else? There have been too many cases of an accidental discharge to make you want to pay closer attention to this feature of the holster for guns you are looking to purchase.

Must hold the gun in place at all times

This requirement of quality holsters for guns is also fundamental, and that is the holster fit. A quality gun holster should fit your gun like a comfortable glove. When a holster does not fit correctly, it could lead to an accidental discharge from being too tight or too loose on your concealed weapon. The best kind of holsters that you can be sure would be an ideal fit for your gun would be the one that was specially made for your gun type. An excellent holster should allow for the easy carry, easy draw, and the hitch free re-holstering. It must be safe and easily accessible.

There a lot more features of quality holsters for guns that are not mentioned above, but those mentioned are the most outstanding.

Though there are many quality gun holster styles out there in the market; the Inside and Outside waistband model are one of the best and most convenient.

When looking to conceal carry, the IWB category of holsters is ideal to give that extra work ability of concealing your firearm conveniently and as well to give you the utmost comfort.

Our collection of holsters are known to contain only the highest quality materials made from scratch with ideal quality materials that guarantee easy access and the safety of you and the people around you. Everything on our holsters, right down to the screws and washers have been carefully select with purpose. As a result we are not able to get our cost down and low as some competitors, but you can rest assured that you have a product that will not fail you.

In addition to the quality that ensures durability, the work ability of our holsters ensures that your full trigger is covered to reduce the chances of an accidental discharge happening by a lot, provides an ideal fit on your gun, that makes for easy access and draw and finally, it sits correctly on your gun belt without falling off when you take part in everyday activities.

The IWB hostlers’ models in this category include:

  • The CZ P10C – IWB Kydex holster

    IWB holster with tactical light – TRL1 – Glock pistols

  • Nov 26th 2018 Scott Owens - Owner/Holster Builder

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