Inside the waistband holsters.

Inside the Waistband holsters

What you need to know

We set the pace, we manufacture gun holsters for concealed and open carry application. I have an exception home workshop, and work with the absolute best gun molding designers in the world, that have the power to transcend the world with creative approaches to designing firearm holsters. It is our course, our plans, and our desire to push out latest designing methods, and customized framework for your benefit. Our team can design and manufacture just about any holster that you can dream up.

Inside the Waistband holsters

It is a wonderful experience to know that every aspect of our holsters encompasses the latest manufacturing features from the best in the business. It is a tiring process of trial and error and wasted materials to create a flawless product. We strive to offer techniques designed for you to understand different methods of moving and carrying your firearms compacted designed both concealed and carried openly. We offer extraordinary plans for you to be confident and proficient with your new weapon.

Positioning structure:

Right placement and fit of your holster are our main goal for you. Our products allow you to have your pistol holster at any position of your choice within your waist. You should be able to walk, run, can complete all your normal tasks throughout the day without your pistol being noticed, or without being bothersome to you. We get you covered, protected, and maintain flexibility of our unique products to the best of our abilities. Having our products is an opportunity of having various ways of operation because many people like to place their firearms on nine or three o’clock position because it seems to be a norm while others placed theirs at eight or four, some eleven while others at two. Our holsters work for everybody and it gives flexibility, and a concealed carry advantage to the user. offers unique methods of carrying your gun. Your dressing code may offer insights as to which custom designed holster or method of carry will suit you better and should be considered. You should not change the way you dress just to carry and be able to defend yourself. The opposite is true, you should modify your carry technique and holster equipment based on how you dress. Your comfort and style do not have to change to carry effectively.Our quality designed holsters are molded to work with your dressing preferences in mind, your movement, daily work, sporting outing, special duties, wedding services, church services, parties, events on beach, jogging and many activities has its designated holster that work for your activities. Therefore, even the weather condition speaks a lot on the type of holsters that should be use. For instance: Shorts with T-shirt, heavy coat conditions, and hot moist environment. Many shooters normally prefer carrying theirs at their waist within the strong side, hence, the problem is not the position to carry it but to understand the position and how the handgun will be placed, and if it will be outside/ inside the waistband, including off body carrying method. Each of these specified methods are available from us. We offer the best choices at fair prices right at We offer quality designed holsters that are nearly indestructible.

Quality brands that makes difference

Making a right choice of a quality holster creates concealing and makes a pistol very flexible, but in as much as some holster builders like to use a “one size fits all” approach to save cost. Some pistols may fit great, while others may disappear on the body. In the time past those that manufacture firearms have many pistol designs makes and models. Every pistol that you see within our business is fitted for the exact gun you are buying for. Only guns with the same exact specifications are nonspecific. For instance, our multi Glock holster, the “business area” of the gun, trigger, body, slide are exactly the same on some Glocks which allows us to sell a “multi Glock” holster which does not compromise the fit. We also have holsters that have the retention points molded into a tactical light holster, this also allows multiple guns to fit the same holster. Most of the major holster brands encompass some sort of one size fits all approach, this is why a local holster builder, Kydex bender is your best choice for a quality product. has the best brands of inside and outside the waistband holsters that stand out for your benefits, like, S&W M&P 1.0 2.0 IWB Kydex holster, OWB holster with Tactical Light TRL1 Glock Pistols, IWB Holster with Tactical Light TRL1 Glock pistols, Glock 19/23 OWB Holster, CZ P10C-IWB Kydex HolsterSingle Pistol Magazine Pouch-MRDAR Magazine & Pistol Mag Combo-MRD’s, and Sig Saur P938-IWB Holster are just a few of the new features that has the sizable quality to match

Customize variation:

Many people are struggling to have concealed waistband holsters of their choice because of the major manufactures “one size fits all” approach. This is sad in a way because it deters a potential 2a supporter from exercising their right to carry. When you carry in the unfortunate event that you need to draw your weapon, you must be completely confident that it remains in the exact location and position that you put it. You don’t need to worry because zero28customs creates custom holsters of your choice so that your gun will be well fitted according to the pistol size.

Kydex Benefits

Vacuum Forming

Making use of Kydex is a quality, economic, and tried and true plan which gives advantage to the customers. Kydex material is a well oriented, extremely durable, and grounded material carried out from “acrylic polyvinyl chloride compound” which is established for fabrication of thermoforming. It gives meaning as a quality and stand out product that will last long despite how it is been used. It has the power to withstand some heat, friction, cracking, and weight. Our custom holsters are created with kydex for long-lasting trouble-free years of continued use.

Quality Incentives

Zero28customs holsters keep the pistol close to you when making use of our IWB or OWB concealing options. It gives maximum security. Your pistol will not shift or fall out while using a zero28customs holsters. Our holsters give adequate protection around the trigger. They are created for your flexibility which can be adjusted, and for your maximum protection.

Nov 20th 2018 Scott Owens / Owner

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Zero 28 Customs provide high quality custom Kydex holsters. IWB & OWB Holsters, magazine pouches and custom holster designs. We bring your ideas to life. Browse our product catalog to find out more.

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