Stop posting in groups, “What is the best holster for a…..”. This is why.

Stop posting in groups, “What is the best holster for a…..”. This is why.

As I look at my Facebook notifications for all of the groups that I follow, all is see are posts like "What is the best IWB Holster for my Glock...."? or "What is the best appendix carry for my CZ P10c"? and even, "What is the best OWB Holster for my handgun for a fat guy"? Just search the Glock Nation Facebook Group if you don't know what I am talking about. Just stop it already!! This is why I say this.

Amuse me, do a quick Google search for something like, "Top 5 IWB holsters”, see what comes up. I will save you some time and just tell you what comes up. Here it is! What comes up are the top 5 holsters from the companies that spent the most on advertising or used the best keywords. Does this make them “the best” holster? Maybe, but also maybe not. Why? Because keywords, and advertisements do not account for the most important consideration. AND THAT IS YOU! The best holster for me, is almost always not the best holster for you. The best holster for you is almost always not the best holster for me. So how can we all buy the same holster based of a top 5 holster or a top 10 holster list?

There are maybe some consistent aspects to a “best holster” that we could possibly agree on. But maybe not, and that is fine. When I personally think of “best holster”, I think of things like….

  • Proper fit to my firearms 

    Appendix carry holster for Glock with Claw and Softloops

  • Fully covered trigger and trigger guard area 

    IWB Holster with a FOMI clip

  • Good quality materials and hardware 

    IWB Holster with a FOMI Clip

  • Good shape that is appropriate to my firearm, without excess materials 

    AIWB Appendix Carry Holster

  • Good finish work and polished edges 

    The Tornadic Series Glock Holster

Now let’s consider some things about “best holster” that we probably cannot agree on. When it comes to the best carry holsters, everyone knows that one size fits all! NOT!! Would be nice if that were true though. Oh, would that be so easy if the fat guy or fat girl holster was also the best choice for the skinny girl or skinny guy holster. Or if the casual gun carry guy had the same needs as a hard core every day carry gun guy. How about the person who is active all day, walking, running, bending, working and found the comfort of an appendix carry holster, now suddenly becomes the desk jockey in the office sitting all day with a gun sticking in the belly. There is simply not a one size fits all gun holster option, hence the 100s of different styles of holsters and belt clip mounting options available.

Carrying a firearm and how to do it best can not be answered by a top holster list or by posting “what is the best carry holster” In a gun group. It is personal, and very much YOU specific. Someone can offer advice about what they do, and how they feel about it. But remember that they are simply not YOU. They do not know your intentions, activities, or even comfort level. You could argue that maybe even if its comfortable, someone with no, or limited firearms experience maybe should not start off carrying appendix style as there could be higher risk of shooting yourself. Simulate drawing from the different positions.Does something feel natural? Do you have to have tools for work that attached to your strong side? Cell Phone? If so, then maybe you don’t want your gun also in that spot. 

The takeaway is still that you must know YOU and do YOU. Be honest with yourself, and truly consider what you hope to accomplish with your gun holster. Also stay away from top 5 best lists, they truly mean nothing.

If you got anything out of this writing, consider sharing it with your friends and family. We are always here to help you out or answer any questions that you may have. 

Jul 14th 2019 Scott Owens - Owner Zero 28 Customs LLC

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