Holsters - Tactical Lights

Holsters - Tactical Lights

Holsters built for guns with Tactical Lights, we now live in a world where you can have a high degree of security, visibility, and concealment. 
To browse our selection of holsters that fit weapons with lights and lasers attached, click the links below and select the style of holster you like then go to"choose your gun" dropdown box to see if your make/model is listed. 

OWB - Outside the waistband holsters 

IWB - Inside the waistband holsters


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  • Custom Holster Work - Many Gun Molds Available

    Zero 28 Customs

    Custom Holster Work - Many Gun Molds Available

    Our true passion is creating custom Holster products.  We offer many different colors and styles.  We are able to have most customer provided images (ie. Police Badges) infused into kydex for a truly unique holster.  Check out our photos...
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