Why Spend Money On A Good Holster?

Why Spend Money On A Good Holster?

Why Spend Money On A Good Holster

Since the holster of your gun is the point of connection between your weapon and your body, it is undoubtedly an indispensable part of your arsenal. A badly designed or dysfunctional holster can cause problems, cause distress and may lead to the loss of the gun or even worse, accidental discharge (imagine if you’re using a chest holster). You do not have to break the bank on a holster, but saving too much on this potentially life-saving tool is not the way to go at all. The choice you make regarding your holster must be given consideration. So here is why you must spend some money on your holster.

4 Reasons To Spend Money On A Good Holster

  • 1. Quality Must Come First

Waistband holstersthigh holsterchest holsters, holsters for women, Kydex holsters or custom leather holsters, whatever it is, quality first. A high-quality concealed holster can handle your needs and also maintain a balance between accessibility and concealment. This must also be comfortable enough both to carry the gun and to be carried too.

It's strange to see people buy a $500 to $ 800 firearm and then ask for an economic holster. It’s not different from putting your $800 iPhone in a $1 case – unless you don’t care for your device, and in this case, your gun. So, why neglect a tool which is meant to be used to defend yourself?

You don’t want a holster from which your gun will fall off when you’re in danger or ducking for cover to return fire, or a holster from which removing your gun becomes difficult. This gives your attacker even more of an unfair advantage, and such consequence is death.

  • 2. The Performance Is Unquestionable 

You should spend your money on a good holster because it promises superior performance. Of course, sometimes, we buy products based on its ease, Amazon and esty for example. Cheap products and lightning shipping, but unfortunately many of my customers have done this prior to having a custom holster build for them and have wasted their money. Do a simple google search for "garbage Holster" and see what comes up. It is possible to find a decent product by those means, but they are few and far between. When spending extra money for a quality holster or tactical product you just cannot leave any room for regret. It is potentially an investment on your life, what is that worth to you? A quality product will pay for itself repeatedly. This is one of the lessons our friends from the military have taught us –performance before brand names.

  • 3. Utility And Retention 

Worst Holster Ever Video - 

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One of the reasons you must spend money on a good holster is because it has better utility, and in this case, a better retention, and overall better hardware. While civilians may not be too knowledgeable about retention of holsters and their guns, it is important they do. Holsters are graded according to retention 1, 2 and 3. The levels 3 and 2 are used especially by the police. This is because their holsters have to be held tightly to them to avoid being snatched by some bad guys. Then the level 1 is sufficient for a civilian. However, if you plan to move about in a very dangerous neighborhood with your gun, then you may consider the level 2 or 3 retention holsters.

  • 4.The Material Of The Holster

Another reason you must spend money on a good holster is that the material the holster is made of is very important, and must be considered.

Holsters can be made of several materials like leather, Kydex, Boltaron, Royalite, and other thermoplastics etc. Your choice must be informed so you know what is obtainable. While Kydex holsters are a tried and true, some of the old school guys prefer leather. The choice is yours. But you must get the best at any instants for your gun.

These are a few reasons you must spend money on a good holster for your guns. So whether you’re using Kydex holsters thigh holster, chest holsters, holsters for women, custom leather holsters, or the best iwb holster or owb holster, you must spend to get the best product which will serve you. 

Holster M&P 2.0 4.25

IWB Holster for the M&P 2.0 4.25"

You can see that the material, Boltaron in this case has amazing forming capabilities. Completely conforms to the gun and holds it form for a perfect fit.  It is nearly indestructible during everyday use and activities.  

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Dec 4th 2018 Scott Owens - Owner / Holster Builder

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