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Are you looking to get your Connecticut Pistol Permit for gun carry?

Are you looking to buy a firearm or get training? 

Check out some of these trusted businesses that we know, use, and love.

Central CT Arms LLC, Portland CT - CT's Best Gun Store

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Connecticut's BEST Gun Store. Over 1000 New and Used guns in stock. Clean, friendly and EGO free environment. 5% off EVERYDAY to all Police, Active Duty Military and 1st Responders. Basic and Advanced Firearm Training.
Veteran owned and operated!
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Are you looking for additional firearms training in Connecticut for all levels and abilities?

We know that you have gone through the extensive process and have waited months to get your pistol permit, because like us you are a law abiding citizen who just wants to exercise your 2nd amendment rights to protect yourself. We also know that you have picked out, and purchased the firearm of your dreams along with the best quality Zero 28 Customs holster, so that is it right?

Well hold on, not so fast, you need training now! 

  • Do you know how to operate your gun and holster correctly? 
  • Do you know when deadly force is authorized? 
  • Do you know what happens in the unfortunate event that you actually use your firearm to defend yourself or others? 
  • Have you ever shot a gun while moving to different positions of cover?

We highly recommend proper training by a qualified professional who can answer these questions for you. 

Call Frank over at Patriot Performance Shooting LLC

Patriot performance shooting LLC Middletown CT

From their website they offer.

I started my firearms trainer career in the CT Army National Guard,  A co. 1/102 Infantry, where as a Sergeant I was selected to attend the U.S. Army Small Arms Instructor Range Operations Course. After that, I assisted my battalion with qualifications training, remedial training, and range operations. I then served our communities as a police officer for 21 years, for 15 of those years I was an active police firearms trainer and for 4 of those years I was a member of a Regional Emergency Response Team (SWAT). In 2011 I started teaching civilians and shortly after decided to continue down that path. I attended the NRA Instructor training, getting certified to teach the Basics of Pistol Shooting Class. In 2019 I received my instructor certification from the USCCA in Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals. I continue to expand my training and instructor knowledge. In 2020 I became a certified NRA Range Safety Officer and a USCCA Countering the Mass Shooter Threat Instructor. 


I run small group classes and private lessons to fit your needs. If you just want to shoot better that’s not a problem, I can definitely do that. But, my specialty is in defensive firearms training. I have been a student of firearms combatives for 30 years. My instructor certifications were geared towards combatives with firearms. I have taken many classes in use of force and combative mindset to help me better understand how the human body reacts under the stress of a high stress encounter such a deadly force. I bring that mindset to all my combatives classes. 

Do you need to keep your firearm secure, check out a Liberty Safe from Dexter's Best in Norwich or Danbury CT.

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dexter's best liberty safe norwich ct

About them

We are Connecticut’s safe store. We offer a wide range of home, firearm, and high-security safes, all available with professional delivery and installation services into your home. Serving Connecticut and Rhode Island, we are here to help you find the right security for your prized possessions, important documents, family heirlooms, and more with a trustworthy home safe from Dexter’s Best. We understand the value your items have for you, and we believe in doing whatever it takes to keep them secure. With a focus keenly aimed at our customers and a dedication to providing the best possible American-made products, we know we are the team for the job! Enjoy delivery and installation services for any home safe you purchase. We’re also available to move your current safe to another location. For top-quality, built-to-last safes and vaults plus delivery and installation service you can count on, turn to Dexter’s Best!