Introduction to Kydex and Its Applications

Introduction to Kydex and Its Applications

What is Kydex?

Kydex is a line of thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride materials. Manufactured by Sekisui SPI, it has a unique blend of properties that make it ideal for several applications, especially in the world of firearm holsters. 

Properties of Kydex

Durability: Kydex is known for its robustness. It can withstand significant wear and tear, making it perfect for items that see daily use.

Thermoformability: Kydex can be molded into various shapes when heated, allowing for custom-fit holsters for specific firearm models.

Water Resistance: Unlike leather or fabric, Kydex doesn't absorb water, ensuring that your firearm remains dry even in wet conditions.

Low Maintenance: Kydex holsters are easy to maintain. They can be cleaned with just soap and water.

At Zero28Customs, we harness these properties to craft the perfect holster for firearm enthusiasts.

Why Kydex is the Gold Standard for Gun Holsters

When it comes to gun holsters, Kydex stands out for several reasons:


Kydex holsters are rigid. This rigidity ensures that the trigger guard is well protected, reducing the risk of accidental discharges.


The custom mold of a Kydex holster means that the firearm snaps securely into place. This "click" is a sign that the gun is properly seated.


For those who practice concealed carry or are involved in shooting sports, the ease of drawing and re-holstering is crucial. Kydex holsters provide a smooth draw and an equally smooth re-holster. When practicing at the range, ensure you protect your hearing with premium ear protection. Walkers is a trusted brand with many high reviews.

walkers ear protection


While leather might degrade, stretch, or wear out, Kydex retains its shape and form for years, ensuring that the holster you buy today will be functional for years to come.

Comparing Kydex to Other Holster Materials

While Kydex is a popular choice, it's essential to understand how it stacks up against other materials.

Kydex vs. Leather

Durability: Leather can degrade over time, especially if exposed to moisture. Kydex remains unaffected.

Maintenance: Leather requires regular care to prevent it from drying out or cracking. Kydex is virtually maintenance-free.

Form: Leather can stretch over time, which might affect the holster's retention. Kydex holsters retain their shape.

Kydex vs. Nylon

Rigidity: Nylon holsters tend to be more flexible, which might not offer the same level of protection to the trigger guard as Kydex.

Wear: Nylon can fray or wear out, especially at the seams. Kydex doesn't have this issue.

Why is Kydex a popular choice for gun holsters?

Kydex is popular because of its unique blend of properties. Its durability, rigidity, and ability to be molded precisely make it a top choice for firearm enthusiasts. Moreover, its resistance to elements like water ensures longevity. Many of our satisfied customers at Zero28Customs can attest to the popularity and efficiency of Kydex holsters.

What other materials are commonly used for holsters and how do they compare to Kydex?

Other materials include leather, nylon, and even some hybrid options. While each has its advantages, Kydex often stands out for its low maintenance, durability, and custom fit.


How is Kydex molded to fit specific firearms?

Kydex is a thermoplastic material. When heated, it becomes pliable and can be molded around the firearm. Once cooled, it retains the shape, ensuring a custom fit.

Can Kydex holsters scratch the firearm?

If maintained properly, Kydex holsters are unlikely to scratch your firearm. However, like any holster, dirt or grit caught inside can cause wear over time. Regular cleaning can prevent this. While Kydex holsters require minimal maintenance, it's essential to keep your firearm in top condition. Consider investing in a high-quality gun cleaning kit to ensure your weapon's longevity.

High quality gun cleaning kit

How long do Kydex holsters last?

With proper care, Kydex holsters can last for years, if not decades. They are resistant to many elements that degrade other materials.

Are Kydex holsters comfortable for concealed carry?

Comfort is subjective. However, many find Kydex holsters comfortable for concealed carry, especially with the right backing material and positioning. For the best experience, pair your Kydex holster with a durable tactical belt, designed to support the weight and ensure comfort. We have always worn Kore belts and will continue to.

Kore essential tactical belt

Can Kydex holsters be adjusted for retention?

Yes, many Kydex holsters come with adjustable retention screws, allowing the user to set their preferred retention level.

Is Kydex affected by temperature?

While Kydex is a thermoplastic, everyday temperature fluctuations are unlikely to affect it. However, leaving it in extreme conditions, like a hot car, is not recommended.


Kydex has revolutionized the world of gun holsters. Its unique properties make it the material of choice for many firearm enthusiasts. Whether you prioritize safety, durability, or ease of use, Kydex checks all the boxes. As with any gear, it's essential to do your research, but Kydex is undoubtedly a top contender in the world of firearm holsters.

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