OWB Kydex Holster Sig Sauer P320x

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Unmatched Outside the Waistband OWB Kydex Gun Holsters for a Superior Open Carry Experience

When it comes to OWB concealed carry holsters, Zero 28 Customs sets the gold standard. Our collection of OWB Kydex gun holsters is meticulously engineered for an unparalleled open carry experience. Designed to fit a wide array of pistol models, these holsters offer the perfect blend of safety, comfort, and style.

Why Choose Our OWB Kydex Holsters?

Our Outside the waistband holsters are not just accessories; they are an extension of you and your commitment to responsible gun ownership. Here's why our Outside The Waistband Kydex holsters stand out:

  • Open Carry Excellence: Designed for those who prefer the accessibility and comfort of open carry.
  • Adjustable Retention: Customize your draw with our standard adjustable retention feature.
  • High-Quality Hardware: Equipped with top-notch attachments and thread locker for ultimate security.

Carry Holsters That Prioritize Your Safety

Our OWB concealed carry holsters are crafted to prioritize your safety without compromising on comfort or style. Elevate your open carry game with Zero 28 Customs.