Finding The Right Holster - What you should know!

Finding The Right Holster - What you should know!
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Finding The Right Holster - What you should know!

Make Or Break: The Right Holster Is Key

 So you’ve gone and bought yourself your dream pistol. Great. Now you want to carry it around with you, good idea. All kydex concealed carry holsters are the same, right? Wrong. Finding the perfect kydex holster is like buying a new pair of shoes, you plan for the occasion not just what’s cheapest. They all have a different purpose and finding one doesn’t have to be challenging.

 Finding a kydex holster doesn’t have to be difficult. Have a concealed permit?

Appendix Carry Holster AIWB Zero 28 Customs

IWB holsters keep them hidden. Working Security? OWB kydex holsters keeps it visible and ready to draw. Maybe you do a lot of driving, so don’t want it on your waist? Then a chest-sling might just be the answer! Here at, we will have a holster to suit you and your gun. Contact us today and see what we can do to keep you ready for anything.


Finding Perfection

Your requirements will define what holster you need. Inside Waistband (IWB), Outside Waistband (OWB) and chest sling holsters are some of the most popular choices today. Depending on your gun permit, the state you live in and the purpose you want to carry for will define what best suits you. At, we have one for every occasion.

 For concealed carry, there’s no better option than an IWB holster, it keeps it out of view, keeps it safe from accidental discharge and ready to draw at a moment’s notice. Always a popular choice.

 If you want to keep your pistol at hand, with easy draw for security then an

OWB Kydex Pancake Holster Zero 28 Customs

OWB holster keeps it safely on your hip, ready and waiting. Nothing to get in the way, keeping you safe and ready for action.

 Chest sling holsters are great if you don’t want anything sat on your hip, if you drive a lot or are sat at a desk this can be a great answer to your problem. It keeps you from having to move or, even worse, remove it every time you sit down! Why carry if you’ve got to keep taking it off?


What More Could I Possibly Need?

Simple right, three choices? Easy! Well, hold on. That’s not all. There are other considerations to a good holster, are you right or left handed? Where in your waistband will you keep it? You don’t want to try and go for your pistol in a dire situation, only to find you’re holding it upside down. That’s why a high quality holster makes a difference.

How you holster your weapon will define how easy and quick it is to draw and when time is of the essence, you really don’t want to mess this up. So getting a holster that is perfect for your stance and style is key. You should have confidence in your holster, where it is and it should slide out without any hesitation, which is why you bought it.

 Going Custom

Another consideration is the accessories. You can’t fit your nice new Glock 19 in your old holster once you’ve fitted that OWB Light Bering Kydex Holster Zero 28 Customs

TacLight to it! So what? Take it off every time? Well then why do we bother fitting it to take it off. It’s there for a purpose.

 Now a custom holster for your weapon and it’s accessories is needed, one that can perfectly house your gun AND your choice of accessories. Sometimes you just need your light fitted for any situation. Check out our Tactical Light holsters, we’ve got something for whatever you’ve fitted. If we don’t? We can make a custom holster, just for you!

 You’ve Come To The Right Place

 Now you know what you want, what gun you’ve got and what you’ve got fitted. You can just buy a cheap holster from the internet and you’re done. Well, you can. Though if you’re carrying every day you want a lightweight, durable and safe holster. That’s why we at make high quality Kydex holsters.

 You don’t want your gun digging in to your side, so getting a comfortable holster is important. You, also, don’t want it to be to bulky and heavy. You want it to be there but not be an inconvenience.

 Another factor is quality, you want your holster to be tough, a snug fit covering your weapons trigger so that it does not go off until you’re in control. This means a good fit, so you can draw easily whilst having full confidence it hasn’t fallen out after having to run or jump. The last thing you want is to draw and find your hand empty.    

Why Kydex?

All the reasons above are why we make our holsters from high-quality Kydex. So what is Kydex? Kydex is a modern polymer founded in aircraft bulkheads. It’s a tough, hard wearing material that is lightweight and durable.

It’s growing use in many different applications, though it is the perfect material for us at to make high quality, long lasting holsters that don’t break after one or two uses.

 Kydex houses your gun like a glove, keeping it where you put it and keeping it covered so that you don’t accidentally discharge your weapon drawing it from your pants. That’s not something anyone wants.

 Something For Everyone

 There you have it, the considerations to buy a holster. Once you know what you want, we at will be happy to supply you with a high quality, fitted holster. Even if you’re unsure, contact us today and we can advise you what will work for your needs. Contact us today and see what we can do to keep you ready for anything.

All holsters are different, though a good quality holster can make a world of difference to your capability and safety. Some things in life just aren’t worth wasting your money on, when you can have a great, custom, holster from Holsters that just work!



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